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ACTU redirection strategy seeks to counter "red unions"

The ACTU is using Google Ads to elevate its "Employee Info" site above search results for the Red Union Support Hub after multiple workers said they inadvertently joined the unregistered unions under its banner, the peak body says, but the red unions have dismissed the tactic as they prepare to file a further 3000 vax-challenging cases.

TWU seeking to bank potentially large, "windfall" Qantas fines

The judge hearing the TWU's claim for compensation and fines for unlawful conduct by Qantas when it outsourced almost 2000 ground crew jobs expects to finalise the case by the end of the year, while the union confirmed it will be seeking to have penalties paid to it, even if it involves a "very, very large amount" that might amount to a windfall.

Coles offering 10 days paid gender affirmation leave

Coles will now offer 10 days paid gender affirmation leave for transgender and gender diverse employees, which it says is an "important step" in its commitment to LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion.

Expanding "red unions" chase media professionals

An unregistered union to rival the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance and "reimagine" the Australian Journalists Association will launch within weeks, with the founder of the fast-expanding "red unions" claiming COVID-19 lockdowns boosted group membership to 17,000.

Flatlining private sector pay growth dwarfed by inflation: ABS

Consumer prices are now rising at more than double the pace of private sector rates of pay excluding bonuses, which increased by 2.4% annually in the March quarter, unchanged from the December quarter, according to the ABS.

Coalition efficiency dividend plan to cost jobs: CPSU

The Coalition has promised that if it is returned on Saturday, it will increase the efficiency dividend imposed on public sector agencies, forcing them to look for savings of $2.3 billion over four years.

Morrison Government to "consult" on paid FDV leave: Cash

The Morrison Government has declined to endorse the FWC's provisional view extending 10 days' paid domestic leave to about 2.6 million award-covered workers, a decision partly based on evidence that it is an "emerging standard" in bargaining and over-award arrangements.