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FWO secures fivefold increase in director's fine

In a decision vindicating the FWO's resistance to the grouping of multiple contraventions for the purpose of setting penalties, the workplace watchdog has won a fivefold increase in fines imposed on an underpaying company director.

Officeworks deal hailed as "strong" in era of low wage growth

Officeworks has this week started paying the first 2% tranche of a 10% pay rise under a proposed four-year deal that also returns penalty rates and improves rostering protections, after nearly 100% of voting team members endorsed it in a ballot that closed on Sunday.

Porter readying pitch to crossbench on "integrity" bill

The Morrison Government is looking to win crossbench support in the Senate for its crackdown on unions and officials who repeatedly break the law by stressing that it is aligning their treatment with that applying to wayward companies and directors under the Corporations Act 2001.

Reinstatement problematic after calling HR partner "despicable": FWC

A senior FWC member in upholding a Virgin Australia ground crew worker's dismissal over pilfered cigarettes has noted that "one's fate" is often sealed by attempted cover-ups rather than the actual misconduct, further observing that the former employee did himself no favours when posting on social media that the airline's HR partner was a "despicable human being".

FWC member rejects another call to step aside

A Fair Work Commission member has for the second time in two days refused to re-allocate arbitration of a CFMMEU matter, insisting parties "don't get to decide" despite full bench advice that those conciliating a dispute should automatically step aside from arbitrating it if a party objects.

Setka seeks to bar ALP from ejecting him

CFMMEU construction and general division Victorian branch secretary John Setka has begun legal action seeking to block his expulsion from the ALP, arguing it would diminish his "industrial and political voice".

Woolies accepts FWC recommendation on restructure

Woolworths and the SDA have today endorsed an FWC recommendation that the retailer make larger redundancy and transition payments to resolve a dispute over a major restructure in its supermarkets.

Court temporarily reinstates sacked union delegate

The Federal Court has ordered a timber factory to reinstate a CFMMEU delegate while it determines his adverse action claim, noting a "distinct coincidence" in his sacking soon after joining the union and becoming involved in bargaining that appears "too acute to be accidental".

Court considers circumstances of slow-paying business

A court has been lenient with a financially distressed business that failed to comply with a timetable to make $18,000 in FWC-ordered payments to an unfairly sacked chef, fining the company but sparing its sole director.

Six-year delay might render verdict "unsafe"

The Federal Court has found a sexually harassed worker has a reasonable chance of successfully challenging orders clearing a Boral subsidiary of vicarious liability, on the basis that the judgment is "unsafe" due to a six-year delay.