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Ex-ground crew deserve answers ahead of Qantas appeal: Judge

A Federal Court judge will press ahead with hearing TWU arguments for reinstatement and compensation for almost 1700 former Qantas ground crew workers, despite the airline yesterday lodging an appeal against his decision that outsourcing their jobs was unlawful.

FWC to re-hear case of lawyers sacked for "insubordination"

A criminal lawyer has succeeded in overturning findings that he unfairly sacked two solicitors he accused of "insubordination" and "sabotage", a FWC bench ruling that a tribunal member was too dismissive of his explanation for missing a hearing.

Sacked after workload complaint, claims manager

In an adverse action claim accusing labour hire company Chandler Macleod and its chief executive of discrimination based on gender, age and/or s-xual orientation, the former executive GM of its contract cleaning arm alleges she was sacked for complaining about a workload issue.

Telstra warned about sackings over mandatory vax plan

The CEPU's communications division is seeking legal advice as to whether Telstra's plan to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for more than 8000 public-facing employees is lawful, while it has warned against sacking any workers who have medical exemptions.

FWC bench doubles down on 'decision on papers' question

A four-member FWC bench has left no doubt unfair dismissal matters with contested facts must not be decided on the papers regardless of consent or a lack of objection, a senior member finding a second of his rulings quashed on this basis within a matter of days.

FWC pulls trigger on loaded rates for hospitality industry

Hospitality industry employers have won approval to roll up overtime, penalty and split-shift rates for full-time higher-paid workers after a FWC full bench rejected union concerns that changing the award for a small cohort could leave a broader group of employees worse off.

Frosty reception to business class flights, claims ex-BOM manager

A general manager is accusing the Bureau of Meteorology of retreating from a decision to sack her for flying business class and taking two days' leave while on a work trip in Paris, only to hold off on advertising an "obvious" redeployment role until after it retrenched her.

FWC declines to stay case of three-week CEO

The FWC has refused to stay consideration of another case caught up in the High Court's current slate of matters examining employment status, finding that a former chief executive of just three weeks would be unfairly prejudiced if his adverse action claim was delayed.

Law clear about decisions on the papers: FWC bench

An employer will get another chance to argue that it did not dismiss a worker after a four-member FWC bench determined that the company's jurisdictional objection should not have been decided on the papers.