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Target date for gender pay equity skewered

A Senate Committee's call for a target date for full gender pay equity has been seized upon by the union pursuing a four-year long equal-remuneration case before the FWC, but found little support from business or Government members on the Labor-dominated committee.

Wages fix about bargaining "where the power is": ACTU

Expanding on its theme that the wages system is "broken", the ACTU will seek to change workplace laws so workers and unions can bargain "where the power is" across industries and franchised employers, rather than being limited to the enterprise level.

Previous minimum wage rulings "overly cautious": FWC

The Fair Work Commission today conceded that inflated concerns about the impact of minimum wage increases on employment may have led to it being "overly cautious" in past rulings.

News Flash: Award wages up by 3.3% from July 1

The Fair Work Commission has this morning granted award-reliant workers a 3.3% increase, lifting the national minimum wage by $22.20 a week or 59 cents an hour in this year's annual wage review ruling.

Commission confirms transition timetable for penalty rate cuts

The Fair Work Commission has ruled today the contentious decision to cut Sunday penalty rates will be phased-in over four financial years in the retail and pharmacy sectors and over three financial years in hospitality and fast food.

Minimum wage decision set for tomorrow

The Fair Work Commission will bring down the 2017 minimum wage review at 11am tomorrow in a ruling that is expected to fall well short of the ambitious claim pushed by the ACTU under new secretary Sally McManus.

Qantas back before FWC over "downgraded" jobs

Qantas is once again being forced to defend its approach to employee classification, with the FWC today commencing a three-day hearing into allegations the airline is requiring senior catering coordinators to fulfil a similar role at significantly reduced pay after effectively rechristening their positions.

Redundancies not genuine when workers reject pay cut: FWC

The FWC has thrown out an employer's argument that a "wide view" of the Fair Work Act allowed it to make four safety officers working on the Gorgon LNG project redundant when they refused to accept a 13% pay cut.