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CPI clauses back as inflation genie looms

The TWU's in-principle three-year agreement with Australia Post subsidiary StarTrack will deliver annual wage rises that match CPI increases in the second and third years of the deal if inflation exceeds 3%.

Red Cross added to FWO's surprising hall of shame

In a further warning on the importance of accurate payroll systems, the Australian Red Cross Society has become the latest surprising addition to the list of underpaying employers to have entered enforceable undertakings with the FWO after the charity self-reported short-changing employees a figure now estimated to top $25 million.

Piece rates ruling "one of our greatest victories": AWU

A FWC full bench's insertion of a minimum wage guarantee in the horticulture award to ensure pieceworkers earn at least $25.41 an hour is "one of the most significant industrial decisions of modern times", according to the AWU.

FWO falls short in contractor case

A court has thrown out an FWO underpayment case on behalf of four delivery drivers it held were employees rather than independent contractors, the judge narrowly finding that all parties intended to operate at arm's length when originally formalising their relationship.

Employer whacked $18K for dodging underpayment notice

In a ruling reinforcing the wisdom of heeding FWO compliance notices, an online directory and its director have despite pleas they would be "crippled" been fined more than $18,000 for failing to rectify underpayments on time.

FWC to create "low-paid CPI" for wage case

The FWC's minimum wage panel has revealed that it is developing a consumer price index for low paid households and a budget of discretionary items required to participate in society, while one of its members says the pandemic will make that already difficult task even more complex.

Employers support early childhood teachers' January pay hikes

A FWC full bench has held early childhood teachers should receive a pay rise of up to 13.6% from the start of next year as part of an IEU work value claim, after the union reached a consent position with some employers and others failed to back up affordability concerns.

Employer hits "absolute barrier" to legal representation

In a decision further clarifying when clients can be legally represented in workplace matters, a Queensland IRC member has confirmed he has no power to involve lawyers in underpayment cases.

Public purse should cover delayed commissions: AAT

The AAT has found a real estate agent eligible for FEG payments reflecting the balance of sales commissions even though they became payable on the post-administration settlement of properties, quashing an Attorney-General's Department decision to the contrary.