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WFH to be an individual arrangement: PC report

Most negotiations between employers and employees on working from home arrangements will remain outside the formal IR system, according to a new report by the Productivity Commission.

Regulator scrutinising employee's COVID-19 death

In a development sure to be watched closely by employers, WorkSafe Victoria is inquiring into the COVID-19 death of a 46-year-old call centre employee identified as a close contact at his workplace's Tier 1 exposure site.

Canberra launches workplace vax scheme

The Morrison Government has unveiled details of a scheme for larger employers to combine with health care providers to administer vaccinations in the workplace.

Court heads off CFMMEU's subterranean turf bid

The CFMMEU has failed in an interlocutory court bid to enter tunnelling sites at Brisbane's $5 billion Cross River Rail Project, in the midst of a demarcation dispute with the AWU.

Biden's vax mandate; WA PS pay review; & more

Biden mandates vaccinations for large employers; WA brings forward review of public sector pay cap; and Tribunal rebuffs labour hire inspector's promotion appeal.

Pandemic savings drove outsourcing move: Qantas

Qantas, in its challenge to a crucial recent Federal Court adverse action ruling, says its sole motivation for outsourcing the jobs of about 1700 ground crew was its lawful commercial reason of saving $100 million a year during a global pandemic.

Employers demanding new hires are vaxed: Survey

The proportion of employers seeking new hires who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 is rising at a rapid rate, according to a survey of job advertising.

Telstra warned about sackings over mandatory vax plan

The CEPU's communications division is seeking legal advice as to whether Telstra's plan to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for more than 8000 public-facing employees is lawful, while it has warned against sacking any workers who have medical exemptions.

FWC pulls trigger on loaded rates for hospitality industry

Hospitality industry employers have won approval to roll up overtime, penalty and split-shift rates for full-time higher-paid workers after a FWC full bench rejected union concerns that changing the award for a small cohort could leave a broader group of employees worse off.

Director's criticism overheard in bathroom: Employer body

WA's peak employer body says COVID-19 prompted it to extend the probationary period of a commercial services director instead of sacking her, before she allegedly shared details of a confidential performance discussion while criticising colleagues in the workplace toilets.